Minnich and Scotto is a scientifically based, environmental consulting firm established in 1996 to provide highly specialized air quality and meteorological services to industry and government. We draw from the technical expertise of our principals, Timothy Minnich and Robert Scotto, each having nearly 30 years experience in air quality consulting.

At the core of our business is the use of innovative, state-of-the art air monitoring technologies together with the technical mastery of atmospheric dispersion theory as applied to the measurement of gaseous contaminant emission rates from complex area sources – such as lagoons, landfills, and hazardous waste sites – all in the context of demonstrating compliance with applicable regulations, e.g., the Clean Air Act (CAA), the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA or Superfund), and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).

Minnich and Scotto is the nation’s leading firm in the application of optical remote sensing (ORS) for assessing emission rates from complex area sources. We have successfully applied this technology to support regulatory needs of more than 30 projects in connection with the remediation of Superfund and RCRA sites throughout the US.


Open-Path FTIR Spectrometer at Lipari Landfill Superfund Site

ORS Monitoring During an MGP Site Cleanup

With the recent attention that potential Community exposure to naphthalene is receiving during the cleanup of former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites, Minnich and Scotto, in partnership with the Gas Technology Institute and Atmos Energy Corporation, is applying its ORS technology to reinvent the management of MGP site cleanups worldwide by revolutionizing how perimeter air monitoring is performed.

We are particularly proud of our ability to conceptualize and implement innovative and cost-effective solutions to complex regulatory-related air quality problems. Integral to the success we have achieved in solving such problems for our clients is our philosophy of working closely and proactively with local, state, and federal regulators; we enjoy close working relationships with many such agencies.

In today’s economy, however, a high degree of technical competence is often not enough. Our decision to create Minnich and Scotto was reached, in part, by the need to provide value-added engineering to each project, and by the knowledge that our ability to do so would set us apart from most of our competitors. We therefore approach every project mindful of our singular objective:

To Achieve Air Quality Compliance
While Providing
Value-Added Service

This entails the establishment of a strong client communications link to ensure understanding of all aspects of the project at hand – whether a facility construction or expansion, or an MGP site cleanup – and working closely with the project engineers as a team to integrate our knowledge of air-related regulatory issues into the decision-making process. One example of this involves the use of our state-of-the-art computer program for managing perimeter air monitoring during MGP site cleanups. Application of this software facilitates real-time, field decision-making to ensure that air contaminant exposure to the local Community remains within acceptable levels at all times.

Another example in which Minnich and Scotto has become an integral part of the decision-making process for our clients concerns our work with municipal water pollution control plant (WPCP) upgrades for the City of New York. Hydrogen sulfide is very problematic for these upgrades as strict odor-related standards exist, and uncontrolled emissions from the process tanks can result in contravention of these standards, often by several factors. Yet, compliance with these strict offsite standards must be demonstrated before actual upgrade construction can commence. Because emission-control installation costs can be excessive, it is imperative that the air analysis be performed in such manner as to minimize the conservatism in the results – thus avoiding expensive over-engineering of controls – while at the same time ensuring the scientific integrity of the work. Since 1997, we have worked closely with the City’s design team engineers to successfully accomplish this goal at three WPCPs, saving many millions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures in the process.The combination of innovative ORS based field measurements and sophisticated customization of USEPA’s AERMOD Model has proven invaluable to the City by reducing the over-conservatism in calculated emissions to an absolute minimum.

26th Ward WPCP, Brooklyn, New York

Minnich and Scotto will work directly for an industrial or government client, though it is often preferable to work under contract to another consulting or engineering firm, especially if the air component is a single aspect of a larger, multidisciplinary project. We have worked as subcontractors on numerous occasions and enjoy excellent working relationships with several large, multidisciplinary firms. Particularly attractive to these firms is our technical competence, our ability to control costs due to a very low overhead, and our record of consistently completing projects on schedule and within budget. Over the years, we have developed close working relationships with a variety of competent consultants who are experts in their niche-market disciplines, such as specialized engineering (e.g., facility, process, and pollution-control) or operation of state-of-the-art air monitoring instrumentation (e.g., ORS monitors). In fact, it is these relationships which form the cornerstone of ourservice philosophy. Whether a client’s need involves comprehensive air permitting for a new major source or the application of an ORS-based air monitoring technology to address a specific air toxic concern, Minnich and Scotto is able to conceptualize the project, develop all planning documents,and assemble the best team of technical experts for the execution of defined project tasks.

In the area of traditional air quality permitting (e.g., Title V air permits) Minnich and Scotto has provided turn-key, air quality consulting services for procurement of air permits for numerous sources, including the only “major source” permitted in New York City in the past 12 years.

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